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Terror at Sea

Midwest Book Review:
"A dark, severe novel about power jockeying and human cruelty, and the desperate courage to stand and fight against all odds, that keeps the reader in suspense to the very end."

Terrorists blow up the Santa Barbara Airport and seize the offshore drilling rig Bluewater Seven. The crew is held captive and each day brings another atrocity that is more horrific than the previous. The news services are on the beach and long range cameras capture the gory details. Panic grips the nation as the military and FBI fight for jurisdiction. A rescue attempt is made and ends in failure. It seems all is lost until the crew takes on the terrorists in a bloody fight to the death.

South From Alaska

Midwest Book Review:
"An engaging story of working and living on the oil rigs off of the coast of western America during one greatly difficult winter. Highly recommended to those with an interest in general fiction who are searching for an enticing novel based on a true story."

Non-stop action as Jeff McDonald leads his crew of men in an epic fight to move an offshore drilling rig in the dead of an Alaskan winter, they will battle the worst nature and man can throw at them as thirty-foot tides and savage currents fight their every move. Snow and ice show no mercy to the crew struggling to move the rig down Cook Inlet to its rendezvous with the heavy lift ship, Swordfish. Rogue fishermen and barroom brawls add to the challenges faced by Jeff and his men. Ferocious storms hammer the Swordfish?s harrowing crossing of the Gulf of Alaska, and at times it seems all is lost as the crew fights to save the rig. They arrive in the placid waters of California only to face a different type of danger.

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